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  • COBRA Update (July 2003) READ
Corporate Compliance
  • Compliance Guidance for Healthcare Corporate Boards (June 2003) READ
Fraud & Abuse
  • Do-It-Yourself Screening for Medicare Approved Providers (December 2003) READ
  • OIG Increasingly Targeting Physicians in Fraud & Abuse Enforcement Efforts (September 2003) READ
  • Avoid Employing Excluded Inviduals (August 2003) READ
  • 2003 Enforcement Statistics (July 2003) READ
  • Special Advisory Bulletin on Contractual Joint Ventures (June 2003) READ
  • HIPAA Security Rule Implementation (April 2004) READ
  • HIPAA Security Rule Introduction (March 2004) READ
  • Responding to a HIPAA Violation in the Office (October 2003) READ
  • HIPAA Update (April 2003) READ
Medical Records
  • Building a National Health Information Infrastructure (July 2004) READ
  • Benefits of an Electronic Medical Records System (July 2004) READ
  • How long are you required to keep medical records? (January 2004) READ
  • What rights does a patient have to medical records? (January 2004) READ
  • How much can you charge for copying a medical record? (January 2004) READ
  • When do you have to provide a copy of the medical record without charge? (January 2004) READ
  • Is your medical records release form HIPAA compliance? (January 2004) READ
  • Are you permitted to release information in the medical records which you received from another provider? (January 2004) READ
  • Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement and Modernization Act of 2003 (February 2004) READ
Professional Liability (also see the articles under Tort Reform)
  • Professional Liablity: How Do You Protect Yourself? (November 2003) READ
  • Asset Protection Strategies (November 2003) READ
  • Impact of New Stark Regulations on Provider Compensation Arrangements (June 2004) READ
  • CMS Releases New Regulations to the Stark Physician Self-Referral Law (May 2004) READ
Tort Reform
  • Should Providers Require Patients to Sign Away Their Right to Sue? (November 2003) READ
  • Ohio's Tort Reform Bill Signed Into Law (July 2003) READ

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